Outdoor Wedding Reception Food and Drinks – Money Saving Methods

Wedding Reception Food

For those who opt for an outdoor wedding reception, there are several ways food can be served. Following are some popular and money saving methods for serving food at an outdoor wedding reception:

Barbecue. At a casual reception, it is common to serve barbecue items such as hamburgers, chicken, or ribs. To make your barbecue buffet-style, ask your guests to forego a wedding gift in exchange for bringing their own special dish to accompany the barbecue. Although, if you do this, be sure to confirm with your guests beforehand so that you don’t have everyone bringing the same dish.
Buffet. Ask your guests to bring a favored dish instead of a wedding gift. If cost is an issue, serve vegetable, cheese, fruit, and meat trays with dips and other snacks rather than hosting a huge meal.
Theme. Create a theme to base your reception meal around, such as Mexican or Hawaiian. Choose an outdoor theme that is simple, easy and affordable.
Wedding Reception Drinks
The bar tab can often account for one of the largest wedding expenses. Following are tips on serving drinks at your reception without incurring a major expense:

Semi-open bar. Offer several beverages for free, such as beer and all non-alcoholic drinks, but have guests pay a nominal fee for mixed drinks, such as a dollar per drink to cover some of the expense.
Bring your own. Request that guests bring their own drinks to the outdoor reception in lieu of bringing a wedding gift.
Bulk purchase. Buy your spirits in bulk from a wholesaler.
Multiple purchases. Purchase the drinks over a time period rather than all at once to spread the cost and payments.
The beauty of hosting one is that it provides the flexibility to be casual or formal. A more casual theme will leave you with more room to reduce the expenses associated with the wedding reception food and drinks.

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